Environmental and Social Ethics


Dear Customers,

Espresso Vivace is a family owned business, founded in 1988 by the husband and wife team of David Schomer and Geneva Sullivan. The company charter is to research, develop, and promote caffe espresso as a culinary art. Naturally, in this pursuit we continually strive to source the highest quality coffee beans to create our two blends, Espresso Vita and Espresso Dolce. For espresso featuring our sweet roast only mild, low acid, coffea arabica can be used, with a bit of coffea robusta included for crema enhancement.

Coffee of this nature can only be grown on farms practicing the “old” growing method of protecting the delicate coffee trees with larger shade trees. Thus, the plantations we purchase from feature shade grown coffee and a complete eco-system thrives in the coffee orchards. The photograph you see here has been taken by Geneva on a trip to our principal supplier’s plantation in the year 2000.

The coffee beans we like command a high price in the market place and require very meticulous harvesting, drying, and processing techniques. This premium price that we pay ensures that farmers can provide good working conditions and pay a living wage to attract conscientious workers in their area.

We find that top quality coffee can only be produced by farms operating in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.