Our northern Italian roast is especially sensitive to the temperature stability of the espresso machine. Our coffees also handle beautifully with French press and we will send you French press preparation instructions with your first order. 

Wholesale accounts using our coffee for espresso will need to have a chat with David to be approved.  To begin wholesale ordering, simply telephone 206.860.5869 to set up an appointment. Following that just place your order before midnight and we will roast your coffee and ship it out the next business day. We do not roast and ship on weekends or federal holidays.

We accept credit card payment.

Over the Counter
Coffee can be picked up at our Roasting Facility after 2:00PM on the day after ordering. Remember, orders must be placed before midnight to allow for roasting and packaging, and we do not roast on weekends or federal holidays.

Deliveries are made by UPS or FedEx, shipping prices vary with quantity and location. We ship the same day the coffee is roasted and you receive your coffee no later than four days after the roasting date written on our label.

Equipment Recommendations

Espresso Bars

Nuova Simonelli Aurelia T-3
Synesso Cyncra


For caffe espresso the Breville Dual Boiler espresso machine combined with the Baratza Sette grinder.

Restaurants may be better served to feature French Press coffee.


Espresso Bars

French Press Techniques