Coffee for Home

You can receive our famous espresso blends within days after roasting with the convenience of online ordering, or call us in Seattle during business hours at 206.860.5869.

The Coffee

We offer two blends only. A “straight shot” blend, Espresso Dolce, and our cappuccino blend, Espresso Vita. We roast all of our coffees to a deep mahogany brown such as we found in Northern Italy, to maximize the caramelized coffee sugars.

Espresso Vita

Blended to feature a very heavy body, especially suited for Caffe Latte and Cappuccino. The blend is dominated by a rich note of caramel. It is our “house blend” we serve at Espresso Vivace.

Espresso Dolce

Created around the ideal of balance. A light and playful coffee with a sweet finish, Dolce is best enjoyed as pure espresso, and will offer the coffee gourmand pleasant surprises as different flavors compete for the palate. Espresso Dolce is also available as a green blend for roasting at home or in your shop.

The Service

Order online , or telephone our Roasteria during business hours at 206.860.5869 to place your order directly with a staff member.
The following business day, your coffee is roasted and packed into 12 oz bags for immediate shipping. Coffees are shipped whole bean only.


We ship using Priority Mail which includes delivery confirmation. You pay only the exact shipping charge to your zip code.


Our Dolce and Vita blends are $14.00 for the 12 oz pouch, $15.00 for a 12 oz pouch of the D-caf blend, and our Green blend is $10.50 per 1 lb bag.

Thank you for considering Espresso Vivace.

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