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These are copies of the original articles I have published, warts and all, between 1989 and the present.  If you are new to espresso making start with “The Keys to the Church”.

The Key to the Church, Coffee Talk Magazine, 04/1997

In Search of the Northern Italian Espresso Style, Café Olé Magazine, 01/1990

The Art of Cappuccino, Café Olé Magazine, 11/1990

Espresso Extraction Techniques:The Machines, Café Olé Magazine, 02/1991

Espresso Packing and Dosing, Café Olé Magazine, 03/1991

Grinder Adjustments: Tuning Your Espresso, Café Olé Magazine, 04/1991

Roasting: How Dark for Espresso?, Café Olé Magazine, 05/1991

Espresso Lingo: Hot Terms for a Rainy Town, Café Olé Magazine, 06/1991

Life’s Finer Things: Creating Our Own Culture Right Here in Seattle, Café Olé Magazine, 07/1991

A Glimpse of Coffee Styles in Seattle, Los Angeles and New York City,Café Olé Magazine, 08/1991

The Espresso Cart Business: The Trials of Location, Café Olé Magazine, 09/1991

Manufacturing Espresso Machines: A Trip to Florence, Café Olé Magazine, 10/1991

Espresso Up Close: Ground Rules for the Grinder,Café Olé Magazine, 12/1991

Espresso Carts: Your Wintertime Barista, Café Olé Magazine, 01/1992

Espresso Machine Tips: Sweetening Up that Old Machine, Café Olé Magazine, 11/1992

Seattle’s Style of Coffee, Fancy Food, 10/1993

Passion Cup: Training a Top Barista, Café Olé Magazine, 12/1993

Hot Topics in Coffee: Espresso, Fancy Food, 01/1994

Espresso Talk: Exploring Coffee’s Ultimate Art Form, Café Olé Magazine, 04/1994

Espresso Talk: Historical Perspective on Espresso Machine, Café Olé Magazine, 05/1994

Espresso Talk: Espresso Machines in the Modern Era, 1947-1994, Café Olé Magazine, 06/1994

Espresso Talk: The Critical Grinder, Café Olé Magazine, 07/1994

Espresso Talk: Factoring in the Environment,  Café Olé Magazine, 08/1994

Espresso Talk: Factors in a Perfect Cup, Part II, Café Olé Magazine, 09/1994

Espresso Talk: Keeping Yourself Out of Hot Water,  Café Olé Magazine, 10/1994

Espresso Talk: Putting Grinders Through the Grind, Café Olé Magazine, 11/1994

Espresso Talk: A Clean Machine, Café Olé Magazine, 12/1994

Latte Art 101, Café Olé Magazine, 12/1994

Kees van der Westen: The Espresso Machine Sculptor, Café Olé Magazine, 01/1995

Espresso Talk: Pure Water and Fresh Coffee, Café Olé Magazine, 02/1995

Roots of the American Espresso Culture: Beginning a New Tradition, Café Olé Magazine, 03/1995

Environmental Factors Affecting Espresso, Specialty Coffee Retailer, 04/1995

Latte Art – When Presentation Matters, Café Olé Magazine, 05/1995

Avoiding the Path of Least Resistance, Specialty Coffee Retailer, 05/1995

Espresso Dosing – Consistency is the Key, Specialty Coffee Retailer, 06/1995

Extraction Rate – Elapsed Time for a Shot, Specialty Coffee Retailer, 07/1995

Rules of the Grind, Specialty Coffee Retailer, 08/1995

Espresso Shot Volume, Specialty Coffee Retailer, 09/1995

Innovation for the Serious Espresso Professional, Specialty Coffee Retailer, 10/1995

Espresso Machine Cleanliness: Next to Godliness, Specialty Coffee Retailer, 11/1995

Milk Texturing Basics, Specialty Coffee Retailer, 12/1995

Milk Texturing and Presentation, Specialty Coffee Retailer, 01/1996

The Elements of a Customer-Friendly Barista, Specialty Coffee Retailer, 05/1996

Hiring and Training Baristas, Specialty Coffee Retailer, 06/1996

Creating a Culture of Excellence, Specialty Coffee Retailer, 07/1996

A Day in the Life of a Macchinesti, Specialty Coffee Retailer, 08/1996

A Day in the Life of a Macchinesti – Part II, Specialty Coffee Retailer, 09/1996

Espresso Standards for the New World, Specialty Coffee Retailer, 10/1996

The Science of Espresso: Engineered Mediocrity, Part I, Coffee & Cuisine, 05/1998

 The Science of Espresso: Engineered Mediocrity, Part II, Coffee & Cuisine, 06/1998

On The Table #1,, 03/1997

On The Table #2,, 11/1996

On The Table #3 ESPRESSO COFFEE: Shape Changer,, 01/1997

On The Table #4 The Keys to the Church: How to Unlock Espresso’s Aromatic Secrets,, 04/1997

On The Table #5 Miracle Drain Cleaner Discovered in Mayan Tomb,, 03/1997

On The Table #6 Espresso Standards for the New World,, 04/1997

On The Table #7 Espresso Bar Staff Training: Part I – Customer Service,, 07/1997

On The Table #8 Espresso Bar Staff Training: Part II – Hiring and Training,, 07/1997

On The Table #9 Espresso Bar Staff Training: Part III – Creating a Culture of Excellence,, 08/1997

On The Table #10 Espresso Blending: The Robusta Effect,, 09/1997

On The Table #11 Innovation: Espresso Coffee Press,, 10/1997

On The Table #12 Innovation: The Dosing Hopper – A Work in Progress,, 12/1997

On The Table #13 Engineered Mediocrity Part I – Measuring Your Brewing Water Temperature,, 04/1998

On The Table #14 Engineered Mediocrity Part II – Test Results,, 04/1998

On The Table #15 Espresso Coffee: The Denver Effect,, 05/1998

On The Table #16 Espresso Coffee – A New Cuisine,, 11/1998

On The Table #17,, 01/1999

On The Table #18 Espresso Packing Technique ’99,, 01/1999

On The Table #19 The Perfect Pour,, 08/1999

On The Table #20 Espresso Preparation for Restaurants, Caterers, and Hotels. What is Best for You?, 11/1999

On The Table #21 Espresso Tamper Shape – Web Synergy,, 12/1999

On The Table #22 Caffe Espresso At Home – Giotto Machine Review,, 01/2000

On The Table #23 Commercial Espresso Program Management – The Role of Quality Assurance is Best Handled by a Passionate Owner,, 01/2000

On The Table #24 Caffe Espresso at Home – the Solis Grinder,, 04/2000

On The Table #25 Innovations – Dosing Control: Timing Your Grinder,, 07/2000

On The Table #26 An Open Letter To All Espresso Researchers (hello,, 08/2000

On The Table #27 Brewing Water Temperature PID Control (Italy meets Omega),, 05/2001

On The Table #28 How to Compete With Starbucks,, 10/2001

Engineered Perfection In Espresso,, 01/2004

Barista Etiquette Seeking the Commerce-Atristry Equilibrium, Barista Magazine, Dec 2005/Jan 2006

Cafe Latte Art in the 21st Century, Barista Magazine, Oct/Nov 2006

All About the Coffee, Pacific NW Magazine, Oct 2015