Espresso Coffee: 2013

book1From machine set-up through barista techniques, this is the complete source of information to make thick, sweet caffe espresso.  I have also included an expanded section on milk steaming and latte art. In this third revision of my book “ESPRESSO COFFEE:Professional Techniques” (Originally published in 1995).  I have made every effort to bring the world-wide artisan espresso community completely up to date on the progress at Espresso Vivace since 2005, the date I released revision number two: “ECPT Updated Techniques”. (Note, Revision two of my book,” ECPT Updated”, is still perfect for espresso machines using the Italian porta-filter with spouts, or a traditional steam tip.) Click for details


Now available in Japanese, Russian and Korean editions!

Espresso Coffee: Professional Techniques

ProfTechJPin Japanese by special order only.
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Espresso Coffee: Professional Techniques

ProfTechRUin Russian by special order only.
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Espresso Coffee: Professional Techniques

ProfTechKOin Korean by special order only.
David’s “little green book” is now available in a beautiful hard bound Korean translation.
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Praise for Espresso Coffee: Professional Techniques

“Here is the book that Baristas have been looking for…Schomer tells you how to make (espresso), and does so more clearly and completely than any other book.”
Specialty Coffee Association of America

“A genuine passion for espresso…sound technical information. A very, very good book.”
Kenneth Davids
Author, Home Coffee Roasting; Romance and Revival Coffee; A Guide to Buying, Brewing and Enjoying Espresso; and Ultimate Coffee

“This is one book I will definitely recommend.”
Kevin Sinott
Author and Publisher, The Coffee Companion

“This is the Barista’s Bible”
David Dallis
Owner, Dallis Bros. Coffee, New York

“…discusses in great detail all the factors that contribute to excellent espresso…I can’t imagine that anyone interested in brewing espresso couldn’t learn quite a bit from this book.”
Joe Monaghan
Author, Espresso and Espresso a la Cart

“a marvelous work worthy of tremendous praise…all encompassing detail perfectly balanced with user-friendly writing.”
Michael Perry
Owner, Espresso by the Book, Everett, Washington

“step by step detail is plentiful and worthwhile…any barista, no matter how experienced, could glean a great deal from (the) section on espresso pod tamping”
Paul Songer
Allegro Coffee, Boston

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