Ergo Packer

ergo_oneWe are pleased to introduce to you our Ergo Packer. It has been designed for the professional preparing caffe espresso on a daily basis. Our design is based upon the traditional Italian flat packer which has been the high-volume Italian barista’s tool for 75 years. During this time a design evolved to distribute the force of packing espresso, when combined with proper technique, evenly throughout the human hand. Thus avoiding occupational soreness or other chronic pains of packing espresso for a living.

We offer the Ergo-Packer with the following piston sizes: 53mm, 54mm, 55mm 56mm, 57mm and 58mm. The packer features interchangeable pistons to ensure a perfect fit with every porta-filter basket. (Single espresso sizes available upon request.) For sizing for your particular porta-filter basket, please refer to the following article: Espresso Packing Technique’99

Care and Feeding of your Packer

Our Ergo Packer is made of aluminum and is soft and easily dinged and scratched. Small dings will not affect your packers performance in most cases and is easily brushed out with a Scotch Brite pad, which we include with each order. Don’t forget, do not “tap” your porta-filter with the packing piston.

Ergo-Packer Set for the Professional Espresso Trainer

ergo_setThe Professional Trainer’s Ergo-Packer set includes six tamping pistons from 53mm to 58mm, and ergonomic handle, in a tough, high impact plastic case.


Ergo-Packer – $50
Extra pistons – $25
Ergo-Packer Set for the Professional Espresso Trainer – $160

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