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Home Barista

For twenty eight years I have been asked “how can I make this coffee at home?”.  All I could do was shrug and admit you can’t.  You can’t because the technology we use is not available in any home machine.  Now I am ready to teach home users to make true Vivace espresso in their kitchens because Breville has created the Dual Boiler espresso machine. (See my blog if you are a techie)  They have also produced a conical grinder as well.

Students will learn theory, extraction and latte art pouring the same as the pro class, but we will practice a lot on the Breville equipment as well. The Breville review is in my blog.

This course is offered as a two-day intensive.

Course Content

Day One

Extraction Theory including the espresso machine, grinder, water tuning, barista techniques, and what is coffee…

Instructor:  David Schomer
Hands-on extraction practice
Demonstration: David Schomer
Practice:  Jes Restad, Trayc Sigleur

Day Two

Review Extraction Theory & Milk texturing, latte art theory

Instructor: David Schomer

Hands-on Review extraction practice & Begin milk texturing and pouring latte

Demonstration: David Schomer
Practice: Jes Restad and Teal Allan

Course structure

Maximum numbers of students/class is eight, with a minimum of two trainers in residence at all times.  Minimum number to stage a class is five students.
Cost $300/day