The Sweet Roast…

For Espresso Vivace I chose the Northern Italian espresso roast during my early Italian explorations in 1989. The defining characteristic of this roast is the high caramelized sugar content of the coffee. (As coffee is roasted it generates caramelized sugars, carbon dioxide, a multitude of origin flavors, and heat).

Precision brewing is the secret to precision roasting. The espresso method is the only way to preserve the caramel into the cup. Longer saturation methods such as pour over, French Press, and formal cupping, destroy the delicate caramel.  Due to Vivace’s intense focus on espresso techniques and machine innovations we are able to pin-point the roasting temperature, time, and air-flow to bring each origin coffee to it’s sweetest potential. And I am having a lot of fun touring through the coffees of the world with special attention to El Salvador, Indonesia, Ethiopia, and India.

So come along with me and explore the world of single origin coffees. In the SO club we will ship you a different coffee each week, like a surprise package.                                                                           

Co-owner, David Schomer

Espresso Vita

Blended and roasted for the perfect caffe latte. Espresso Vita has been designed to feature a strong note of caramel when combined with milk products. Incredible body makes this blend ideal for drip coffee and plunger pot methods as well.

Espresso Dolce

Our gold cup espresso blend has been created to offer the most complex and balanced flavor possible in an espresso ristretto. Espresso Dolce features a heavy red-gold crema with a sweet floral presence, balanced with a rich note of chocolate, and a complex, sweet aftertaste that lingers on the palate. Espresso Dolce is also available as a green blend for roasting at home or in your shop.

Decaffeinated Espresso Vita

We offer our Vita Blend in 100% Swiss Water D-Caf.

All roasted coffee orders from Espresso Vivace are shipped on the same day they are roasted.