Espresso Vivace was featured in Pacific NW Magazine, where they concluded that “Vivace’s David Schomer — not Starbucks — ‘made coffee huge in Seattle’.” Find links to the digital and physical articles below.

Coffee Master (PDF)

Pacific NW Magazine, Oct 2015


The Art of Perfection-Green Coffee Review Nov-Dec 2015 “David Schomer…has changed the way the world makes espresso”

Coffee Master-Seattle Times-October 25th 2015

Espresso Vivace was featured on Travel Channel March 8, 2016  ‘Bizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations’ when they filmed in Seattle. Below is a link to episode and we are at the end.

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Espresso Vivace Roasteria, known across the country and around the world for its commitment to espresso roasting and brewing technology and artisanship, has received accolades from some of the specialty coffee industry’s most well-known experts. Following are just some of the rave reviews Espresso Vivace coffee and brewing technologies have received.


Issue #48: March/April 2014

(Vivace)” continues to refine methods for producing almost impossibly sweet espresso shots with startling consistency” “Schomer also perfected the art of customer service making Espresso Vivace a heavyweight in Seattle”

Imbibe Magazine March/April 2014

“…I have been in Seattle for less then 48 hours on this trip, and visited Vivace three times…”

Ken R.,

December 24, 2006

“The slow roasted blend at Espresso Vivace’s is considered by many to be the best in the country”

The Independent London,

October 15, 2006

“Coffee Prophet”

Seattle Times

July 2, 2006

“Dream Bean”

Puget Sound Business Journal

May 5-11, 2006

“…The bag has a little ‘born on’ date and I believe this makes all the difference. The coffee
actually tastes roasted; there is not a burnt, bitter, or acidic property to be tasted…”
Michelle B.,
January 9, 2006

“… Vivace up on Capitol Hill. In my opinion it is the finest coffee bar in the US…”
-Nicholas Lander
London Financial Times, May 15th 2004

Espresso Vivace Roasteria has been featured and awarded� best of city by
National Geographic Traveler Magazine in the Fall 2003 issue “Insider Seattle”
National Geographic Traveler Magazine-Fall 2003
“Meet Espresso’s Exacting Master”
 –Jon Bonne, editor, MSNBC
May 9th, 2003

“Probably the best coffee I ever had in the United States if not close into the world… I gotta tell ‘ta, one of the best coffees I ever had in my life…they kicked coffee up into an art form… To see a place like the quality of Vivace is unbelievable.”
–Chef Emeril Lagasse on Emeril Live, Food Network
October 4th, 2002

“Perfect espresso.”
–Tea & Coffee Trade Journal, December 1997

“Widely regarded as the espresso expert.”
–Specialty Coffee Retailer Magazine, April 1998

“In a different league, the true gourmet specialist. There is no doubt he [David Schomer] achieves the sweet taste he talks about. [Espresso Vivace’s caff�] latte and macchiato were the best I’ve ever had.”
–Hugh Gilmartin, Coffee Logic, Belfast, Ireland, July 1998

“…flawless cup of espresso every time. David Schomer is… the city’s [Seattle] espresso deity.”
–David Volk, associate editor, Coffee & Cuisine Magazine, from the Law & Politics Journal, September 1998