Coffee For Home

You can receive our famous espresso blends within days after roasting with the convenience of online ordering, or call us in Seattle during business hours at 206-860-5869.

The Coffee
We offer two blends daily, and single origin coffees on a limited basis. A “straight shot” blend, Espresso Dolce, and our cappuccino blend, Espresso Vita. We roast all of our coffees to a deep mahogany brown such as we found in Northern Italy, to maximize the caramelized coffee sugars. And we ship the same day they are roasted-always.

The Machine
The Breville Dual Boiler home machine is capable of making true Vivace quality in your kitchen. My suggestion is to combine the machine with the Baratza Sette grinder

The Training
Watch this page for our new home espresso training class using the Dual Boiler.

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