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Artisan Business-customer service theory

Dear Reader,

Customer service does not occur in a vacuum.  It is a dynamic. living thing where the customer, over time, is as important as the employee in enhancing, or destroying, fine attentive service.
Let me give an example. In 1989 Vivace opened a cart in the financial district of downtown Seattle at 5th and Union.  I [...]

Espresso Equipment-bottomless porta-filter

Dear Reader,
I think it was in 1991 that John Blackwelll showed me a bottomless porta-filter to play with. (John is a LaMarzocco engineer and has been a key figure in my ability to advance espresso coffee.  I will never forget coming in in ‘94 all excited because I had figured out how to measure the [...]

Equipment Review Compak K-10 WBC grinder

Daer Reader,
The espresso machine has been largely perfected with the advent of the Synesso Cyncra and the LaMarzocco GB-5.  (Among many excellent new designs.) The fragrance of a Northern Italian roast can now be enjoyed as a flavor/aroma experience with great fidelity-at least for a few shots. What is now missing is a grinder capable [...]


Dear Reader,
Welcome and thank you for taking a look at my blog.
My reasons for starting this are to be able to share espresso techniques and equipment reviews with you, unedited. As always I remain true to the coffee and will share with you well tested techniques, glowing accounts of superior machines and grinders if they [...]