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David SchomerDear Reader,

Welcome and thank you for taking a look at my blog.

My reasons for starting this are to be able to share espresso techniques and equipment reviews with you, unedited. As always I remain true to the coffee and will share with you well tested techniques, glowing accounts of superior machines and grinders if they earn it, and scathing reviews of sub-standard equipment with unflinching honesty.

After twenty- one years in business I have also been amazed by the tenacity and stability of Vivace as a gourmet espresso company.  It seems like the longer that you remain true to the coffee the more that you capture the imaginations and hearts of your customers. I found out last year, when my flagship store was seized under eminent domain, that this is worth more than traditional capitol when it comes to surviving as a business. Under the “Artisan Business” banner I will examine the pure pursuit of quality coffee as it relates to sustainability, personal satisfaction, and as a competitive strategy.

In the mix I may add barista profiles and an occasional thought on urban cycling theory and practice.

Thank you,