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Equipment Review-Anfim Super Caimano Grinder


The Super Caimano by Anfim is a flat burr grinder available with a reduced  head speed of 800 rpm.   The burr is 75mm wide and will grind a double shot of espresso in about 12 seconds.  This is the first time I have been able to recommend a flat burr grinder since the Mazzer M-100 was around.

Remember, conical burrs will produce espresso crema that is thicker, and contains more aroma and flavor than flat burrs in general.  The reason is the production of micro-particles in the conical grind.  However tasty these micro-particles are, they are also a bit of a devil for the pro-barista because they migrate down in the cake of packed coffee during the extraction and slow down the flow rate.  On temperature stabilized espresso machines like the Synesso Cyncra or GB- series from LaMarzocco flow rate becomes very critical for sugar preservation. 


Flat burs, here shown with optional titanium coating, hold an edge here.   They produce very consistent particle sizes in the grind  and it is a lot easier to extract shots with perfect flow rate.  (In our case we are timing a shot at 23 to 25 seconds.)  Compared to conical burrs it is a bit of a trade off between potentially extracting  more  body and aroma and missing the shot timing more often on the bar.  ( With our roast slow pours result in hollow tasting shots and fast pours, by far the greatest sin, become  sour/astringent.)  At the end of the day I’m a gambler though, and will stick with conical burrs but I really liked this grinder, enough to bring it to your attention.


Machining and workmanship are first rate, on a par with Mazzer and Compak in this regard.  The doser is particularly smooth and stout,  though of course, archaic for those that grind by the cup.  I do not know if Anfim plans a direct dosing model.


A far as controlling heat transfer to the burrs the machine rates above average.  This model comes with a vent fan, but the grinding head is direct-drive and is coupled to the motor through a metal drive shaft.  Despite being direct-drive though it remained cool on a Vivace morning shift until almost 11am.  It was a Saturday at  Brix so that is probably 65 shots per hour, 325 shots total, which I found to be surprisingly good performance.  At the end of the day however,  this a light volume grinder. I think it could do fine for  shops making 30 shots/hour.  We use them for D-Caf.

The Shot

The pour though, as I mentioned, was a joy on the bar.  It was so consistent from shot to shot and even my head trainer, Don Jones, liked working on this machine a lot.  One drawback though is that adjusting the grind is done with an incremental collar and is not infinite.  It is a step by step grind adjust and the perfect pour is often between settings.  On the collar there are currently 70 holes, producing 70 possible grind settings.  Anfim is increasing this to 90 on the next shipment according to Mark Barnett who distributes this grinder with his Synesso machnines.  (Mark has also mentioned an infinite, stepless grind adjustment is on the way.)

The grinder is available with an electronic timer allowing the motor to run just long enough to grind the shot for you.  It is possible to adjust the timer to 1/10th of a second intervals for dosage control.

Overall flow-rate is easier to control on this grinder compared to  our DRM conicals, even considering the step grind adjust, because of the consistent particle size.

It is possible to quote the fragrance of the coffee in the shot but flavor lags a wee bit in intensity compared to the same coffee prepared with conical burrs, and mouth-feel is lighter and less silky.  But it is easier to hit the pour with this flat burr machine….you decide what works for you.