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Artisan Business-Hello Brix


After “Goodbye Roasteria” I wanted to post a piece about the new bar we built on Broadway at Brix Condominiums.  As you know if you have been reading here, I found out that I was losing my Roasteria Vivace over three years ago.  I have mentioned that we had no advertising and completely packed this place the day after opening, a phenomenon I attributed to the power of appealing to the imaginations of our customers by staying true to our charter : to research, develop, and promote caffe espresso as a culinary art.  When you do not sell out, a coffee ompany can transcend commerce and take a place in people’s hearts.

Yada, yada, yada….we got that I think.


What I have not mentioned is how perfect Brix came out.  The shop is exactly as beautiful as it appeared in my imagination in the months of design and the grind of construction.


The counters…blog6-004


Our serving area is designed to look like a small theater…with Imperial Brown granite elegantly surrounded with Caffe Forest Brown marble featuring a swept back curve for each side of the lowered portion.  Lowering the main bar here was the idea of Lisa P. who has been with Vivace since 1989.  She is pictured in the painting below the rim of the bar at the old cart, handing a coffee to Gunars Berzins, an eccentric Broadway figure who helped open the cart from 1988 until 1992.  The lowered section of bar meets ADA code as well for handicapped access.


blog6-007 I designed around this stone color, Caffe Forest Brown and for the first time we have no green in the shop.  The colors are brown, yellow and blood red in small quantities as an accent. Here we are looking dowen the counter from the serving area. Note the small imperfections in the radius of the bar top.  Caffe Forest Brown marble gets it’s beauty from the red veining within the brown and this is a challenge on radius cuts due to it’s softness.  I think the slight wobble in the curvature is very charming and gives the counter a hand done feel.


The walls came out a perfect yellow.  An artist named Paul Morris applied seven coats of” Shimmer Stone” to get the yellow just right.


The best thing about Brix however is the clientele.  Brix is surrounded by N. Capitol Hill, home to the sweetest people in Seattle.

It is actually over 100 degrees in Seattle today, an all time high I think.  I will post this soggy entry and promise to wow you next time with “BarPro” an in-house customer service essay I wrote about five years ago