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Artisan Business-Hello Brix

After “Goodbye Roasteria” I wanted to post a piece about the new bar we built on Broadway at Brix Condominiums.  As you know if you have been reading here, I found out that I was losing my Roasteria Vivace over three years ago.  I have mentioned that we had no advertising and completely packed this [...]

Equipment Review-Anfim Super Caimano Grinder

The Super Caimano by Anfim is a flat burr grinder available with a reduced  head speed of 800 rpm.   The burr is 75mm wide and will grind a double shot of espresso in about 12 seconds.  This is the first time I have been able to recommend a flat burr grinder since the Mazzer M-100 was around.
Remember, [...]


Dear Readers,
The Shot
How the world does turn…just a few years ago sweet caffe espresso was impossible due to inadequate machine temperature stability, now you can pull perfect shots right in your own kitchen.

Pictured above is the LaMarzocco GB-3.  This machine has PID control of the brewing temperature combined with LaMarzocco’s superior “water jacket” group head [...]

Artisan Business Roasteria Goodbye

In the artist’s rendition above we see Tricia Rhodes and Mary Michaud bringing their classy style to the front bar.  For us Mary and Tricia defined the warm, smooth service style of the Roasteria in their eight years of artistry.  In the upper left corner you see artist Kurt Wenner installing his mural “An Italian in [...]

Artisan Business-customer service theory

Dear Reader,

Customer service does not occur in a vacuum.  It is a dynamic. living thing where the customer, over time, is as important as the employee in enhancing, or destroying, fine attentive service.
Let me give an example. In 1989 Vivace opened a cart in the financial district of downtown Seattle at 5th and Union.  I [...]

Espresso Equipment-bottomless porta-filter

Dear Reader,
I think it was in 1991 that John Blackwelll showed me a bottomless porta-filter to play with. (John is a LaMarzocco engineer and has been a key figure in my ability to advance espresso coffee.  I will never forget coming in in ‘94 all excited because I had figured out how to measure the [...]

Equipment Review Compak K-10 WBC grinder

Daer Reader,
The espresso machine has been largely perfected with the advent of the Synesso Cyncra and the LaMarzocco GB-5.  (Among many excellent new designs.) The fragrance of a Northern Italian roast can now be enjoyed as a flavor/aroma experience with great fidelity-at least for a few shots. What is now missing is a grinder capable [...]


Dear Reader,
Welcome and thank you for taking a look at my blog.
My reasons for starting this are to be able to share espresso techniques and equipment reviews with you, unedited. As always I remain true to the coffee and will share with you well tested techniques, glowing accounts of superior machines and grinders if they [...]