Dear Reader,


It has been a year using the Sette270 daily.  It remains the best machine in the world for transporting the ground coffee to the PF without distorting particle distribution, kudos.

However the small burr, turning so fast, creates uneven bean-feed rates.  Often the motor will speed up as beans fail to enter the burrs evenly.  This creates two problems for the barista, both affecting the holy grail: espresso flow rate. 

First, obviously the dosage of powder varies when relying on the timer, and we know that very small differences in the dosage of ground coffee produce huge differences in the espresso flow rate.   I estimate 1 mm higher packed volume in the PF slows down the pour by 10 seconds.   

Second, the fineness of the grind is affected. Less beans entering the burr set means a coarser grind. (We call it pop-corning: beans bouncing around entering the burrs).

Etzinger’s commercial grinder the ETZ Max is coming to me for testing.  They will offer a version the “Super Heavy” with 43mm conical burrs.  Keep ypur fingers crossed out there, this might solve the on-demand grinder problem.