Meet the Trainers

David Schomer


David Schomer is a theory and espresso extraction specialist. David is the founder of Seattleā€™s Espresso Vivace and author of ESPRESSO COFFEE: Professional Techniques, 1995, creator of the  Caffe Latte Art video course.  These materials are widely regarded as beginning the world wide movement to prepare caffe espresso as a culionary art.

Teal Allan


Teal is a barista and latte art trainer. Teal has been with Vivace for 15 years.


Trayc Sigler

Trayc is a six year veteran barista and brings years of occupational training experience to Vivace.

Gennett Ford (aka Peanut)

Peanut has taken on detailed menu preparation to ensure that each drink is prepared consistently by every barista.


Brad Langdale

Brad is a six year veteran Vivace barista with a great bar style and stunning latte art skills.