Student Testimonials

David taught an  Espresso Intensive Seminar in 2004, here are student testimonials:

15 years of knowledge+experience+David imparts so much.  Fantastic is understated.  Any time spent with David is worth it.  Total enjoyment.  Thanks, David.
-Ian Harding, Cowboy Coffee.  Kamloops, BC

I came with incredibly high expectations and found myself unprepared for how valuable, effective, and rewarding the course turned out to be.  Thanks, David-you haven’t just changed espresso for me but for my customers.  We all owe you.
-Chris Tacy, Spellbinder.  Bishop, CA

Great Class!  A wonderful format for learning.  Good theory matched with a lot of hands-on training.  Highly recommended for anyone wanting to improve their barista techniques.
-Scott Johnson, Granger, IN

Your course had all the aspects of great training: the technical theory, the hands-on, and lots of feedback.  It was a joy to work with you and I enjoyed your sense of humour.  Thanks again and take care!
-Gloria Miller, Bean to Cup.  Vernon, BC

What a wonderful class.  I get the feeling I’m learning from a master.  The passion for coffee just oozes out of David.  I would like to thank David for his knowledge and teaching style.  I feel much more confident about my coffee skills after taking this class.
-Jeff White, 9/16/04

I appreciate the in-depth info.  I was very surprised that one of the best espresso technicians in the country would show anyone his tricks, methods, & art ideas…it’s a beautiful thing-to mix the subtle art with the techniques of great coffee making.  Very pleased to have met & learned from you, and I’m very thankful for the knowledge! Cheers!
-Barrett Miller

Thanks for the brilliant, intense, yet friendly instruction in the basic moves on the high trapeze of gourmet espresso art and science.  Long may we remain close friends down the mountain and down the road…lean and turn, lean and turn.
-Barry Hill

I’ve seen many teachers, attended in many seminars. Never, ever have I learned so much in three days and not only coffee, new training methods as well.  Thank you so much.  Hope to see you soon/hear from you soon in the future.  Take care! In the name of coffee,
Ville, Helsinki, Finland

These three days were my lifetime experience.  You have been a terrific teacher and, of course, a fantastic barista.  I’m really, really glad that I found this class and was able to join.  Oh, I’m going to miss your coffee and Seattle after I’m back in Japan.  I sincerely hope the best for you and looking forward to seeing you in the future!
-Shinsuke Ito, Japan

Your method of conveying the wealth of knowledge you possess is extraordinary.  A perfect amount of classroom with a perfect amount of hands-on.  It is always a pleasure to work with those passionate about their craft.  Thanks.
-Craig, Atlanta

To learn from such a master in espresso techniques is an amazing experience.  Even as a competitive barista I have learned an unbelievable amount of hints, tips, and techniques to create the perfect “God Shot” time and time again.  A humble and brilliant man, David Schomer is the greatest man to learn this delicate art form.  An AMAZING course that will stay with me forever.
-Sebastian Butler-White