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Our Team

David Schomer

David Schomer

David is the founder of Espresso Vivace. He is responsible for quality control, roasting, and training and visits each shop daily. His background includes a BA in Cultural Anthropology from UW and a BFA in Flute Performance from Cornish College of the Arts. Previous work experience: four years in the USAF training in electronic calibration and repair, a stint as a metrologist at the Boeing Class A Standards Lab, and Canvas Coordinator for Greenpeace NW. His hobbies include skiing, bicycling, and poker.

Geneva Sullivan


When Geneva and I started Espresso Vivace in 1988 she was still a field service technician repairing computers full time for Digital Equipment Corporation. It was her salary that saw Vivace through the beginning stages. Geneva had amassed a stellar record in computer repair for Unisys, Sperry and finally DEC, but it was her dream to own her own business. Her strength and wisdom got us both through the “night sweats” of not knowing if we would survive or not. Her grace and compassion got us through our biggest challenge, making the transition from coffee carts to indoor stores in 1992. Right from the start she has had sole responsibility for accounting, payroll, taxes, and inventory. In business we are perfectly matched partners, each filling in the weaknesses and limitations of the other.

Kasey Frix


General Manager
It’s almost hard to believe that I’ve been with Vivace for more than 14 years, having been hired in June of 1999.  Being a part of the Vivace family has been a true blessing and I am especially grateful for the tutelage of Brian Fairbrother who taught be everything I know about being a good manager.

When not working, I enjoy riding my Harley-Davidson with my husband, José.  Movies, music, and cooking are all passions of mine as well as spending time with those who are nearest and dearest to me.

Tricia Rhodes


Manager Alley 24 bar, barista

Lisa Parsons


Manager 321 Broadway, barista

Teal Allan


Barista latte art trainer

Don Jones


Espresso trainer, barista

Dan Reid


Head Roaster

Darren Johnson


Warehouse Manager
Darren Johnson has been with Espresso Vivace since the summer of 1999.  He was worn many hats in the company and worked his way up from barback to barista to his current position as Vivace’s Warehouse Manager.  He is proud to be in charge of getting the espresso bars everything they need from coffee beans to stir sticks.



Shipping Manager