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Espresso Theory-pressure profiling

Dear Reader,


Pressure profiling essentially describes the abilityof the espresso machine to change the brewing pressure during the extraction of a shot and then save your changes in a program to be repeated on the bar.  The hope, of course, is to improve espresso coffee.

I see no increase in espresso quality through pressure profiling.  My opportunities to play on these new machines have been for just a few hours here and there. However, espresso requires extreme temperature stability for these fragrant molecules to be preserved into your cup. I hereby postulate that stable pressure is also extremely important in the preservation of these unstable molecular structures that constitute coffee flavor/aroma. It is purely an espresso geeks intuition…but I bet I am right.

Also, it seems like the machine companies just want a new bell or whistle on their equipment.  This is not led by better results in the cup but by manufacturers wanting to market additional complexities in their equipment.  Kind of like Illy’s blizzard of scientific analysis, and chemistry terminology, in an effort to obscure the simple truth that only fresh coffee is good coffee.  Preparing espresso is complicated enough without pressure profiling.  C’mon machine gods….give us a grinder.