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espresso coffee 2013 book revision 3

Once again I am forced by progress to revise my original book:” Espresso Coffee: Professional Techniques”.  The impetus for this is bottom-less porta-filter techniques and theory, and the absolute perfection of steamed milk texture with Shojiro’s new steam tip, the Foam Knife 1.


What is new:

* Perfect milk foaming tool: Shojiro Saito’s “Foam Knife 1″ combined with Vivace technique results in perfect milk foam.

* Technique and theory when using bottomless porta-filters.

* Expanded latte art tutorial section with color plates of our favorite pours over the years at Vivace.

*  New diagram and explanation of roasting for espresso.

The price is $34.95 plus shipping and the book should be on sale at our stores and web site within the month.

For espresso bars employing any other steam tip, and porta-filters with spouts, my book “Espresso Coffee: Professional Techniques Updated” is still current and will remain on sale.